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 It's erg-ing season!

OCTOBER 13th, 2012


12 to 3 PM

We are excited to begin the 2012-13 crew season.  In preparation for this season, we need to begin fundraising to pay for rowing equipment, expenses, to keep crew dues down, and to help you pay for your crew fees this year. Our 2012 ergathon will be held on October 13th at Fairfax Corner.  A general overview of the event is below, with links to the necessary forms. All returning rowers are expected to attend, participate, and to solicit sponsors.  In addition to collecting personal donations from family and friends, this year we are asking all rowers to recruit one or more corporate sponsors. You can ask your doctor, dentist, orthodontist, real estate agent, local store, employers, etc. The more corporate sponsors we get the more likely we can lower dues for the 2012-13 rowing season.  Corporate donations are due by Oct. 1st.

You will need these documents:
1) ERG Information for Rowers (the most important)
5) Crew Donation Receipt.

These five links contain everything you need to raise ALL of your dues for crew this year!  Thatís right; you can raise enough money with this one event to completely pay for crew.  The Erg-a-thon lets you raise money in two different ways:

 1.  PERSONAL SPONSORS:  Ask friends, neighbors, relatives, bosses, and others to sponsor you in the Erg-a-thon.  Use the attached sheet to have people sign up to sponsor you.  It is best to collect the money at the same time, but can return and collect after the Erg-a-thon.  80% of whatever you collect is subtracted from what you owe for dues.

 2.  CORPORATE/TEAM SPONSORS:  Ask your dentist, doctor, family realtor, local car dealer, anyone you know who owns a business in Fairfax, or others to be corporate sponsor of the Crew Team. All sponsors have their company logo printed on a banner displayed at Fairfax Corner for five days and at various regattas during the season.  See the linked brochure for other possible sponsor benefits.  20% of any corporate sponsorship you collect is subtracted from what you owe for dues.  So if you attract just ONE $500 sponsor $100 is credited toward your crew dues.  To be on the banner sponsors must pay by October 1st, 2012.

So by now you are wondering, what is an Erg-a-thon?  It is much like a walk-a-thon except the crew members are rowing on the erg machines instead of walking.  Each crew member rows for a certain distance.  We also have some competitions.  This year we may have another high school participate in the erg-a-thon with us to give it a more competitive feeling.

At the erg-a-thon there will be music and other activities, so invite your sponsors to come and cheer for you.  Also, the bigger the crowd we have for the erg-a-thon, the more the merchants at Fairfax Corner will appreciate the event and be interested in being future sponsors.
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