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Fairfax Crew spirit wear is available year round at SquadLocker

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“Rowing is perhaps the toughest of sports. Once the race starts, there are no time-outs, no substitutions. It calls upon the limits of human endurance. ” -- George Pocock

Why Crew?

Crew is the ultimate team sport and requires rowers exhibit not only great strength and stamina, but also the ability to work together to make a shell of many parts move as one.  Rowers are a unique bunch, recognized from the high school to college level as some of the hardest working and motivated student-athletes. Rowing is one of the fastest growing collegiate sports in the United States.  Crew builds not only bigger, stronger athletes, but nurtures the human spirit.

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Our Team

The Fairfax High School Crew team succeeds both in the water as well in the classroom. FHS has sent multiple boats to Nationals in each of the last several years, with 14 athletes participating in the National regatta in 2023. In addition, each year more FHS boats are invited to participate in regional and national regattas in DC and on the Schuylkill in Philadelphia. In the classroom, crew boasts the highest combined GPA of any spring sport. 

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Join FHS Crew

If you are interested in joining a growing, excited and fun team that competes successfully on the state, regional and national level, look no further than Crew at FHS.

Fairfax Crew is looking for athletes interested in developing a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. ZERO athletic or rowing experience is required to join FHS crew. Coaches require only a commitment to attendance and a hardworking, team-first attitude. 

Support Fairfax Crew by supporting our newest sponsors. Visit our Sponsors page for details.

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Fairfax High School, 3501 Lion Run, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

(703) 219-2200

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