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  1. Crew teaches and reinforces responsibility and time management.

  2. No workout is more physically demanding.

  3. Under current staff, college admission rate is nearly 100%.

  4. Crew is among the fastest growing collegiate sports, is well regarded, and offers scholarships (over 140 colleges offer crew scholarships) to students with four years of rowing experience or less. 

  5. Bonds of friendship forged through persistence, practice and pain are unequal.

  6. Fairfax Crew boasts the highest GPA of any sports team at FHS.

  7. Novice (first-time) rowers with no experience not only learn to row, but compete at the highest level.

  8. The coaching staff expects, teaches and develops athletes of the highest moral fiber and character. You will be in good company, and more importantly you will grow to be good company.

  9. Rowing is a non-contact, low-impact sports for all sizes.

  10. Rowing provides a chance to develop and strengthen friendships from all over Virginia.

Crew is fun.  Give it a try, crew speaks for itself!


Find a current rower and ask about their experience on the team!

Top 10 Reasons to Row for Fairfax Crew

"For oarsmen, the sensation is different. While running, swimming or even participating in team sports one performs to his own limits, limits set by the individuals conditioning and determination. When exhausted, the individual decides to endure, change pace, walk or collapse. As part of an eight, however, one performs at the level of the Crew. When every part of each body says stop, inexplicably the boat still continues. Individual limitations reassert themselves only when the race is over; only then is the body released from the tyranny of the shell and...gracefully expire."  -- Stephen Kiesling

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Fairfax High School, 3501 Lion Run, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

(703) 219-2200

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