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Winter Training and Spring Water Training

Q: What if I am doing another sport?

A: The coaches at FHS encourage our rowers to be diverse multi-sport athletes.  If you have a second love other than crew that will keep you in good shape, by all means, play another sport. Just be ready to row in March.


Q: I am interested in Crew, but have not signed up.  Can I come to Winter Training?

A: Yes! Winter Training is a great way to give rowing a try and decide if it is the right sport for you. Rowers who decide at the end of the first week that they enjoy the program will be asked to begin paying dues. Talk to a coach for more information.


Q: I am really struggling at Winter Training. Advice?

A: Getting back in shape takes a lot of time. The first few weeks are hard for everyone, but better to struggle in the confines of the high school than to be out of breath on the water in March.  Talk to a coach and we will try to give you advice on how to improve.



Tues, Wed, Fri 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Mon and Thurs 3:30pm - 6:00pm


Be on time and ready to row!

Spring Water Training FAQ:

Winter Land Training FAQ:

Training starts Mid-to-Late November

Meet at 3pm - Field House Lobby

Be on time and ready to go!

Q: What time does Winter Training begin, Coach?

A:  Practice begins everyday at 3:00pm sharp.  Come to the Field House Lobby dressed out and ready to go.


Q: What forms do I need to participate?

A: Forms can be found on FORMS tab page. 


Q: What do we do at Winter Training?

A: A little bit of everything, with the ultimate goal of teaching good rowing technique to new rowers and building a foundation cardio so we can start fast at the beginning of water season.  We stretch, run, lift, and do team building workouts, relays, games, etc.  We also row. A lot.


Q: What should I wear to practice? Is it outdoors?

A: Layers. We practice both outdoors and indoors.  It is important to layer your clothing so you stay warm.  Be sure to wear compression shorts or soffe shorts so you don't get caught up in the tracks of the ergs.


Q: If it is raining is practice cancelled?

A:  Practice will be conducted rain or shine.  However, on EARLY RELEASE days there will be no practice.  If there is inclimate weather expected, the coaches will provide revisions to the schedule as early as possible.


Q: What is spandex and why should I invest?

A:  Spandex is more prevalent in rowing than pretty much any other sport.  When coaches ask athletes to buy and wear spandex we are referring to compression shorts made by underarmor, nike, champion etc.  It keeps everything in place and where it is supposed to be and most importantly off the tracks of the erg or boat.  It is also warm.  It is a great investment for any athlete.

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Fairfax High School, 3501 Lion Run, Fairfax, Virginia 22030

(703) 219-2200

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